Saturday, December 14, 2013

Jewelry fair.

I planned to go with a dear friend of mine to the jewelry fair in the school I studied.
 She told me she couldn't go today but yesterday I was very excited about going, alone or with company it's always fun seeing jewelry.

I woke up today as if all my strength was sucked by who knows what. Or mabe because I couldn't sleep? I felt like I needed a huge pack of duracell batteries. I'm still feeling weak, but I don't know why! And that's annoying!!

Well, maybe later I'll go, but please, send a pack of batteries!

Changing the subject, it was a productive friday. I made five pairs of earrings that I'm posting on etsy.

Here are some pictures:

Pink and ruby quartz earrings.

Mistletoe earrings, agates.

Amethyst and mystic quartz , carved amethysts.

Aquamarine and sodalite.

Aquamarine and silver petit earrings.

I have to install my workshop because I miss the action, the burns, cuts, the stains....etc oh the Hammering! My favorite activity....I miss the soldering, the creation of new jewels and say "I did this!!" from sweat and tears, sometimes blood.

I wish you a good weekend! It's sunny here in Lima.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

December Flowers.

I call them December Flowers, I don't know their name, because you know, I'm soooo keen on plants....My mother was, she knew the name of all the flowers and plants of the garden. She tried to teach me but plants are not my thing.
All the years, there is a flower that I named the "December Flower". It has the most amazing colours, bright red, orange, fuchsia. A couple of years after she passed away I got a tattoo of that flower in my left shoulder. I think it could have been better....anyways....
On saturday the first flower opened:

The colours are much brighter in real life, I wish I could send you a flower to appreciate it!

This is the second flower:

I also call them my mother's flowers because they were her favorite.
Once she counted more than 200 buttons!
I don't have it here but there is a big pot full of this plant and when it florishes (?), please correct me if I'm wrong!

Well, this is a little homage to my mother, I miss her a lot and Christmas are not the same without her and her delicious cooking.

I just know she's there, somewhere, watching us.
I love you mom!


Monday, November 25, 2013

Bazar de Navidad de la Asociación Emergencia Ayacucho.

Last weekend I went to this  Christmas bazar to see my friend Fabienne Bisselbach, a jewelry designer. I love her work. I have a couple of things from her, a pair of earrings and a ring. She's French but Peruvian at heart. I like being around her because I can practice my french and sometimes we speak "fragnol".

Here are some pictures of her stand at the bazar.

Her beautiful jewelry, all silver of course! I like her style because it's very feminine.

With my dear friend, ma chère amie, Faby.

And, I had the luck to meet another talented jeweller, Joanne Mc Kay. Her work is simple but different, I don't know if to call it "organic", anyways, I like it. Her jewelry reflects her simplicity. She's a very nice person and I like that.

Here there are some pics:

Joanne at her stand.

Ohhh the goodies!!!

With Joanne.

I had a great time at the bazar, exploring stands, discovering products, buying Christmas gifts, but most of all, having a good time with my friends!


Sunday, November 24, 2013

Election day.

Today is an election day. Why exactly, I do not know. It's a waste of time and money. Hopefully I went early in the morning and voted quickly, there was no queue.

In the middle of the night I woke up with a sore throat and a migraine or the beginning of a cold. I thought of telling my dad that I was not going to come with him to vote. All I wanted was to sleep. Finally I went with him. I had to ask him whom to vote for because there are so many political groups, too many for my taste.

Here in Peru, voting is mandatory, if you don't vote you must pay a fee.

I hate that!

You should vote because you are sure about your candidate or political group, but no, we have to vote for the lesser of two evils.

I don't like talking about politics because you never reach a conclusion. I don't belong to any political party.

That's all about me and politics. 

I voted for duty and avoiding a fee.


Friday, November 1, 2013

Día de los Muertos o día de todos los Santos?

Halloween! I group of kids yelled at the door. It was the forst time after years I heard kids asking for candy, I think they were with their parents. Sadly, I had no candies. The neighbourhood is very quiet, normally.

I put on my favorite desguise, my pima cotton pj's. I say pima because it's the best cotton you can find, it's so smooth! I really recommend it.

I was creative the other day and started to make some earrings, bracelet, a pendant and a necklace. Too bad the light was not good enough.
For the first time in my life I worked with mystic quartz, druzy pink quarts and faceted aquamarines. I'll show you the pics, please be nice because light was not helping!

The necklace:

I chosed an apatite  and fuchsia quartz to add colour.

The Hoops:

The hoops are in goldfilled with carved amethysts, pink quartz and a tiny goldfilled leaf.

The bracelet:

Sterling silver chain, gold quartz nugget, fuchsia quartz. 

Aquamarine earrings:

Silver beads, silver wire, mystic quartz, faceted aquamarine bead, with silicone posts

Pendant; goldfilled wire, citrine and peridot with a carved amethyst.

I hope to post them soon on etsy or you can contact me via facebook:

Please leave a comment if you want to! Don't be shy!


Thursday, October 17, 2013

Jeudi ensoleillé, jueves con sol, sunny Thursday.

Well, today I want to dedicate part of my post to my dear friend and jeweller designer Fabienne Bisselbach. She is very talented. Her designs are kind of modern and classic, very feminine. She manages to capture the beauty of nature with modern life.

I fell in love for these earrings:

I have a face for long earrings ;-)

And this magcificent ring, part of one of her collections, "La Perricholi" (

Fabienne works along with another dear friend of us, Elkie. 

I admire both ladies for their making and not procrastinating, what I do... I am able to do that work but there's always a reason for not doing it. Their tenacity is also admirable. Both working mothers, great women, great friends.

Next time I will talk about another jeweller friend. We formed a group without wanting it and it's a fun loving bunch of people with different ideas but always united through friendship and jewelry.

So long!


Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Hello October! Bonjour octobre! Ya llegó octubre, el mes morado.

I was inspired yesterday and did some jewelry, a bracelet with colorful agates, long brown pearls earrings and matching earrings for the multistone choker. And a pendant with goldfilled and labradorite.

Sunlight is not at its best so I took the pictures indoors, meaning here in  front of the computer.

So here they are: it's agates and silver beads.

Pearls earrings, a gift from a friend in Spain:

The matching earrings for the choker:

And the labradorite pendant:

I will wait for better sunlight to take better pictures and post them on etsy.

See ya!


Sunday, September 29, 2013

Back from Chile.

My father came back from Chile last week and guess what he brought me! Yes! A Big Toblerone! Why are they so famous at the airports?? I wonder...Every time someone travels what do you bring them? A Toblerone, the big one of course!

Changing the subject, spring is here, it can be sunny and warm but then cold.

On Wednesday I met one of my friends of my jewelry group, we had lunch, wonder around the mall, a mall for tourists in Miraflores called Larcomar. My salad was goooood and a had a chamomille tea, respecting my diet. 

Then we went to the OPI store, I'm a huge fan of OPI, I bought a shade called "Muir Muir on the Wall", very strange, dark with greenish hues and purple. I really wanted the "Peace and Love" colour from the San Francisco collection. I'm a nail polish geek!

I forgot to tell you that I made a beautiful necklace with silver beads and agates, it's more like a choker.

Here it is:

I would one for me but I don't have more of those stone, specially the focal silver bead.



Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Traducción. Translation.


Bueno, iba a traducir un post que escribí el domingo pero cómo decimos nosotros, ya fue!
Lo que sí voy y tengo que traducir es sobre lo que dije del AZÚCAR. Es muy  malo estar dentro del límite alto de glucosa. Soy muy dulce!
Felizmente ya he comenzado una dieta cero azúcar, sólo edulcorante, he aumentado mi porción de ensalada y estoy comiendo frutas. Tengo un control dentro de un mes y ya he bajado unos kilitos.
  Yahora la traducción al inglés.


Okay, so now comes the English part of the story. In the French post I talked about how nice and sunny was sunday, perfect for laundry because clothes dry faster and you avoid the use of the drying machine. Hey, we must think about our planet and the carbon print we're leaving. I try not using the drying machine but our climate is sooooooooooooooo humid clothes take days to get dry.....

And now, about the SUGAR part. My glucose is high, between the limits but high. I'm taking my meds, doing diet, eating more veggetables and fruit and all the products marked "light". I eliminated butter, sugar, white bread and its relatives . I have lost a few pounds and the only thing I must do now is walk.

It was sunny today too, even hot! Spring is close, and that's all I guess. Sunlight makes me want to make jewelry, so let's see what I come up to!


Monday, September 9, 2013

Dimanche ensoleillé. Sunny Sunday. Domingo soleado.

C'est un dimanche ensoleillé. Il ne fait pas très chaud mais on commence à sentir ces agréables rayons de soleil qui nous disent que le printemps est proche.
Lundi, ensoleillé aussi et un peu plus chaud qu'hier. Le moment précis pour faire travailler la machine à laver. Les vetements sèchent plus vite et on évite l'usage de la machine à sécher.
Lundi, jour des achats pour la semaine. J'ai commencé un régime alors il me faut tout ce qui est marqué "light" et pas de sucre! Ah non, le SUCRE c'est le DÉMON! Pour moi au moins....Heureusement j'ai changé ma façon de penser car  je ne veux pas  sufrir d'aucune maladie relationnée au sucre.
J'ai augmenté ma consommation de fruits et légumes.
J'ai perdu quelques kilos sans mourir de faim. C'est seulement un changement d'attitude nécessaire pour le bien etre de ma santé.

Je traduirai ceci plus tard ou demain, je dois vous laisser.


Sunday, July 14, 2013


Okay, so days are horrible, you can't see the sky because there are clouds hiding it. Sometimes it's sunny, which it's good, specially when you do your  laundry, trying  not to use the dryer respecting the environment. But it is soooo humid!

I'm very happy, a good friend of mine got married after being with her boyfriend for more than ten years, and another friend had a beautiful baby boy.

I am working on my jewelry, doing some bijouterie. I got a custom order for a bracelet but the buyer didn't like it. I do. But I will do it again. The Customer is first!

This is a pic of the bracelet:

The bracelet has the birth stones of january-garnet, may-citrine and november green agate. It's suppose to be emerald but it's expensive and I would have to purchase it online.
I'll put this one for sale I think....

What do you think? Do you like it?

See ya!


Friday, June 7, 2013

Sleepless in Lima

It's 1:16 am and I can't sleep. So here I am, browsing the internet, and updating the blog.
I have been making some jewelry, should I say bijouterie. I must put my bench in order, buy silver, sulfuric acid and flux. That would be on monday....I know, I'm procrastinating (is it spelled right?).

We had a family reunion in Chile with my sisters and my dad. It was fun, we walked a lot, and I do mean A LOT.

What I like from Chile is the beer; it's artisanal and they have many  flavours.
Food was fine. Sometimes I hear that Chile has no cuisine but they do.....Oh my god, now  want a piece of pastel de jaiba, which is a crab kind of cake.

Earrings from the new collection: coral, chrysocolla and silver.

Turkish eyes bracelet.

That' all for now. I'm getting sleepy....

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Going South

In a few days I'm going south, I'm going to Santiago, Chile to see my sister. I miss her, and my other sister will meet us there so it will be great since we haven't been together for a long time.

There are jewelry schools there, maybe I will take a class or something. 

I forgot to tell you (my dear readers) that I bought a new bench.  Well, it's not new, it's the bench I used in class. I want to do so many things but I don't have silver! I considered that bench as "mine" when we were in class. I feel confortable there :-)

I'm also enjoying the summer here in Peru. I haven't gone to the beach much just a few times but I already have a tan! Thank you sunblock!!

That's all for now,
Thank you for reading this 


Monday, January 21, 2013

And of course, the world didn't end.

Holydays are gone and summer is here, in the southern hemisphere. The flowers are blooming:

I call these ones "my mother's flower". They were her favorite ones. I thought about a tattoo of this flower in shoulder but I think it would be too much. I already have four.

Changing the subject, I made a free shipping and a 20% coupon code on my etsy shop but I didn't sell anything! I'm still working of course. I just need a new torch and some silver. And stop procastinating everything!

These are a few earrings I made:

Faceted rose quartz and ruby coloured quartz.

Hammered post earrings, creamy pearls and ruby coloured quartz.

Faceted smoky quartz ans amazonite.

I also made a ring, experimenting with wire:
Lapislazuli and amazonite ring.

Dangle earrings, lapislazuli and amazonite.
My favorite combination!

That's all for now. Thank you for reading my post :)