Thursday, February 24, 2011

Marzo, March, Mars.

Good morning!
Well, I will resume what I said on my older post in french.
I said that it's going to be my first birthday without her, she will not make the chocolate cake I love so much, she will not buy me flowers, she will not hug me or kiss me and I wont feel the scent of her, the softness of her skin, the scent of coffee early in the mornings and her burnt toasts.

But today I am going to the beach, will come back in a couple of days and visit her at the cemetery. We do that when we go to the beach.

Changing the subject, I have beed productive this week. I missed my stuff! I have so many ideas but little supply! Can't work like that.

Thank you for reading my posts!


Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Marzo, Mars, March, my month, mi mes y mi santo! And my b-day! Mon anniversaire.

Et oui les enfants, c'est le moi de mon anniversaire, peut-etre le premier anniversaire "normal" après deux années...Mon premier anniversaire sans Elle. Elle ne pourra pas faire le gateau au chocolat que j'aimais tant, nous ne sortirons pas déjeuner à un bon resto, elle ne m'embrassera pas, elle ne me dira pas qu'elle m'aime : "Te quiero mucho hijita mía de mi corazón", elle ne m'achetera pas des fleurs ce jour-là...elle...tu me manques, tu nous manques. Je ne peux pas voir jusque maintenant tes photos, ces photos.
Je peux sentir l¡odeur de ton visage quand je t'embrassais les matins, la texture si douce de ta peau, l'odeur du café, tes tartines qui brulaient et que je détestais mais, qui me manquent maintenant.

Je traduirais tout cela plus tard. I will translate this text later, now, I need a shower it's so hot in here!
See ya later alligator!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Monday, February 14, 2011

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Working again.

Yes, my dear few followers and you guys who take a look at my blog from time to time....I am starting working again, slowly, when I feel inspired by my stones and metals. I saw the work of another fellow jewelry friend. She  was trying working with copper and brass sheets, here are some examples: and this, my favorite:

I did a more rustic one, hammered, just cut with scissors and used my round nose pliers and some brushing:

Very primitive I would say, but it was fun!
I also have to upload pictures of some earrings I finished and a necklace but I don't know what is the problem with, there's always a problem loading the page...enfin...

In the latest news: I got my Water Weaver Goddess necklace from the talented Shay Stone, I'm wearing it since monday, still didn't take it off. Here she is:

You can find more of her beautiful work here:

Oh! And I have a tower fan (it's hot, summer is here) and my lil' sista is here! I haven't seen her in months!
So far, it is a good week, let's hope the weekend will also be good and fun!

Au revoir!