Sunday, February 14, 2010

Cooling earrings

I like this pair of earrings, they are cool: specially made to bring some freshness with this heat (at least in this side of the planet). Just looking at them reminds me of the snow and dryness of the snowy mountains. I'm working on the matching pendant or necklace for these earrings; my muse left me to take a swim on the cold water of the OP...
I used some swaroski crystals, kind of teal colour, bali silver beads, and faceted round moonstones. Enjoy!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Feeling hot hot hot

I wish it was only the song! We are melting here! I would love some A/C or a new fan with remote control and "sleep" function. Not even a breeze of air comes to my room with open windows, if I take a shower I sweat, ugh. It's so icky feeling sticky!

I'm adding a sneak preview of the items I will post on etsy. I still have to take moooooore pictures (that's a never ending story), then edit, upload and praying for the internet connection doesn't die on me whilst uploading the pics....that's another never ending story. Kaja Goo Goo, I miss you guys! The LP must be somewhere in the house...

Sunday, February 7, 2010