Thursday, September 18, 2014

Coloring your hand/nails

For the last couple of months I have been looking for these specific colors, a light green, a pink or bright pink, a coral and a soft lilac.
Finally I found them where I thought I wouldn't: the super market.
I was doing grocery shopping and in the shampoo soap etc section I saw this stand selling beauty products.  I said to myself, I have nothing to lose asking, so I asked. I spotted a couple of colors I was looking for in the Sally Hansen shelve. One was the green I wanted and the other, the pink. The green is "Limestone" and the pink "Love Rocks". The price was very very very affordable so I added them to my shopping cart ;-)

I put my bags in a locker and went to a department store looking for a jeans. I am losing weight and the jeans I have now  are loose and don't look good. And they are old. I bought one a size less than the one I was wearing and I was happy to see that I could zip and bottoned it with no problem. 

After that I checked out more nail laquers (it's my vice) and found two nice colors from Revlon, And, they are scented! And they do smell! I was a bit scheptical about it but they smell nice!
I got a "Ginger Melon" and a "Lavender Soap" colors.

First, I was planning to buy Opi but man, they are too expensive! At least here in Peru.

These are the Sally Hansen colors:

These are the Revlon:

Lavender Soap:

Ginger Melon

And this is my mani:

I used Ginger Melon in the middle finger. It smells nice!

Why do I like so much nail laquers? For me it's a way of expression, you can play with colors and create cool combinations. Besides jewelry, tattoes, piercings it allows you to be creative and adorn yourself. Not everyone agrees with tattoes and piercings. One of my sisters says "EW! How can you that to your body!! But it's my body, and as long as I don't tattoo my face or have  piercings in my eyebrowes I am happy with my tats and piercings.
By the way, never get a piercing in your belly button, it can affect one of your chakras.

Thank you for reading this. Any comments and questions I'll be glad to read them.

A bientot!