Saturday, December 20, 2014

Navidad, Noel, Christmas, Chanukah

So....this is the time of the year when people go mad buying presents for ALL the members of the family, for the friends, for the secret santa friend, for the nanny, for the guy who helps you with your groceries etc....Man! This is supposed to be a time to give yes. But give LOVE!!!

Today I went to the mall close to home. I bought some presents, a couple for me (I'm the one who's in charge of the presents).
Oh mon dieu mais c'était bourré de gens! Heureusement que je ne dois acheter que quelques cadeaux, trois je crois...ou cinq...m'enfin, c'est tout. Je dois acheter le papier for wrapping the gifts.

Vraiment je n'avais aucune intention d'y aller acheter des cadeaux. Je voulais rester dans mon lit et regarder la télé. Mais aujourd'hui il fait beau, il fait chaud (une chaleur supportable, 25º C selon mon Smartphone.)

J'ai toute l'après midi pour moi seule. I did my nails with the "Pink Flamenco" Opi nail polish, cadeau de mon secret santa. I added some Limestone Green to other nails pour faire du contrast. And I have to do my feet for tomorrow. I have a family bbq. We are quiet a big family....around 40 people? But many can't come. And I'm already tired.
Oh and on monday I have a reunion with my school mates. That should be fun.
Now I'm drinking a refreshing strawberry it!

Why am I writing in french and english? Dunno. Peut-etre parce que je peux le faire. It's an exercise for me. La plupart du temps j'écris en anglais en Facebook ou d'autres sites sur internet.
I do not want to lose this precious language. I started studying french when I was six. I was in a french lycée. I am half french. French and spanish are similar. They are both romance languages. English is very easy, very practical. Mais les adjectifs, soit en français ou en espagnol, sont abondants. J'aime la practicité de l'anglais. But if you have to describe something, french and spanish are the best. That is my personal opinion.

And I'm signing out. This might be my last post of the year. Who knows....
If I don't see you, I wish you a Joyeux Noel, full of love (and not of gifts) surrounded by your family and the people you care.

And I was forgetting my Israeli/Jewish friends, Happy Chanukah!


Friday, October 31, 2014

Smartphones or slavery.

A month ago or so, my phone died. Or I accidentically killed it. Either way, I had to get a new one.
I lost all and I do mean ALL the information of my dead phone, including my playlist (sniff...).

The next day I went to my phone company provider to see what could it be done. They confirmed the death of the phone, a Samsung Galaxy Mini Music etc. I had to chose between a Motorola and another Samsung-improved one. After thinking and thinking I chosed the Samsung. I am very familiar to that brand so I sticked to it. As soon as they gave me the new phone, a Samsung Galaxy S III mini (cool, because I can put it in my jeans pocket) I went buying a protective case and a screen protector.

The next days I played with it, adding apps, finding apps to add, taking pics, selfies, etc. I got hooked!!

At the end of March, burglars got into our home and took the flat LED tvs, laptops and some jewelry.
 The computer I am using now is an old one. You know, those that still have CPU towers and big fat screen.

I was mourning for my laptop but with this new phone, I don't need one!
I can check my mail, my Facebook, my pics, shazaming music, etc. with this device. The bad thing is that I have become too attached to my phone. I was that kind of persons that refused having the phone all the time with you. Now I text or check messages while I'm having lunch!

And I don't need a laptop anymore.

So here I am, totally hooked on my mobile....I didn't see that coming!

Bye, and take care.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Coloring your hand/nails

For the last couple of months I have been looking for these specific colors, a light green, a pink or bright pink, a coral and a soft lilac.
Finally I found them where I thought I wouldn't: the super market.
I was doing grocery shopping and in the shampoo soap etc section I saw this stand selling beauty products.  I said to myself, I have nothing to lose asking, so I asked. I spotted a couple of colors I was looking for in the Sally Hansen shelve. One was the green I wanted and the other, the pink. The green is "Limestone" and the pink "Love Rocks". The price was very very very affordable so I added them to my shopping cart ;-)

I put my bags in a locker and went to a department store looking for a jeans. I am losing weight and the jeans I have now  are loose and don't look good. And they are old. I bought one a size less than the one I was wearing and I was happy to see that I could zip and bottoned it with no problem. 

After that I checked out more nail laquers (it's my vice) and found two nice colors from Revlon, And, they are scented! And they do smell! I was a bit scheptical about it but they smell nice!
I got a "Ginger Melon" and a "Lavender Soap" colors.

First, I was planning to buy Opi but man, they are too expensive! At least here in Peru.

These are the Sally Hansen colors:

These are the Revlon:

Lavender Soap:

Ginger Melon

And this is my mani:

I used Ginger Melon in the middle finger. It smells nice!

Why do I like so much nail laquers? For me it's a way of expression, you can play with colors and create cool combinations. Besides jewelry, tattoes, piercings it allows you to be creative and adorn yourself. Not everyone agrees with tattoes and piercings. One of my sisters says "EW! How can you that to your body!! But it's my body, and as long as I don't tattoo my face or have  piercings in my eyebrowes I am happy with my tats and piercings.
By the way, never get a piercing in your belly button, it can affect one of your chakras.

Thank you for reading this. Any comments and questions I'll be glad to read them.

A bientot!


Tuesday, August 12, 2014

August, winter. L'hiver à Lima.

What can I say....I only want to stay in bed because it's warm in there. It rains, or should I say, drizzle, there is no "proper" rain in Lima. How many people would be affected by this phenomenon? I mean with a real rain. That rain that washes all away, even homes....There is many people who live in a precarious situation, some are located at the border of the rivers and the houses are not solid, they are made of whatever they find. Roads can collapse because of the rain, they are poorly constructed and there is no way for the rain to drain.
I prefer the Sierra or the mountains. There is real rain and blue skies with white cotton clouds and sun! Lima is grey, very depressing. Sometimes we can get lucky and have a bit of sun. But the humidity is too high. People joke about us limenians or limeños that we are "amphibious".

I think it was yesterday or tomorrow (can't remember) that the moon was supposed to be seen like 30% bigger than usual. No way in Lima. It's always foggie. When we lived close to the sea, we could see the fog passing thrugh the house. I wake up with allergy. There's so many people, children, who suffer from asthma because of this weather. And the smog doesn't help either...

Anyways, we just have to wait for summer. It's hot, humid and sweaty but there is Sun! Let's not forget going to the beach ;-) 

Chucuito, Callao.

Welcome colourful flowers!

I forgot to mention that last Sunday there was a lunch at friend's house, a friend from school. We know eachother for such a long time! . We had a yummy lunch, excellent company of other fellow classmates and remembering the "travesusas" some did at school. Well, we were young and a bit restless, but it's always funny telling the stories from back then. It's always good having fun with them. 

Thank you for taking your time and read this.


Saturday, July 12, 2014

3rd place

Ayayay, Brasil vs Nederlands.....
Who's going to win? Maybe the orange team? That Robben is good!
But heart goes to Brasil. 

I hope we'll see a good match with goles (goals), exciting to watch, making us eat our nails of despair.

Now we just have to wait almost three hours! 

See you tomorrow! That match would be good!


Monday, July 7, 2014

And the fútbol is coming to an end....

What a match for tomorrow july 8!
Germany vs Brasil.
No Neymar for Brasil team......
I just hope they make a great match and may the best team win, Please Brasil, show us you are fierce! Don't be scared of the Germans! (sorry my german friends).

Qué será será....what will be will be.


Saturday, July 5, 2014

Netherlands-Costa Rica.

To start, I must say the Argentina-Belgium match was a Valium (that I didn't in that time).
They say: MESSI MESSI MESSI!!! He only scored one (1) goal or gol as we say. It seemed to me they were just happy with one gol. 
It was very boring, what were they thinking? They had to fight to win but they didn't make much effort. 
I was sleepy and hungry.

And now comes Netherlands - Costa Rica!

Netherlands Flag


I hope Costa Rica scores at least one  goal, what can they do against "La Naranja Mécanica" (the clock work orange)?? Maybe a surprise? 
Come on guys, make a good match, aim to the goal! Give us fun and suspence to watch it!

Ok, that's all for now while waiting for the match 3pm Lima time.

May the best team win.

See ya!


Friday, July 4, 2014

And more fútbol! Allez les Bleus!!

Today plays France against Germany. Since I have some french blood in me, I will be rooting for the blue guys. Sorry my German friends.
ALLEZ LES BLEUS!!! It would be something like: "Come on Blue Guys!".

Oh my, it's 10 am here in Lima and I still have some time to spend it on the internet, checking my mail and other stuff.

Let's see what happens.....May the best team win!

At 3 pm there's the match Colombia-Brasil. Ayayay!!! That's gonna be thrilling! 

What happens if Brasil loses? What will be the reaction of the millions of fans? I hope there won't be violence et pas d'émeutes! Sorry, I don't know that word in english...

Good morning, or good afternoon or good night.

Vivi, now a football fan (every four years).

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

And yes, more football or fútbol whatever you name it.

I coudln't sleep last night, I think I fell asleep around 5am today wednesday 25. I woke up at 8:30 ish. I was like a zombie...but craving for sleep!
My matress kicked me out and I followed my dayly routine when I wake up. Wash your face with fresh cold water, first wash the hands with a nivea soap that smells very nice, Brush teeth, then weight myself ( who else would I weight...duh!).
I have to take out my pijamas to put on my dayly comfy clothes, always loose ones. I had two café con leche, decaf but I needed CAFFEINE. Put order in the kitchen. I'm a maniac, everything must be in its place, I set the lunch table, seasoned the pork chops, brown rice was already made and then headed to my room to watch the match Argentina-Nigeria, at 11am Lima time. Bravo Argentina!!!

After lunch and after leaving the kitchen clean, the plates and stuff on the dishwasher, my dad and I headed to see the France-Ecuador match. Of course, we were rooting pour la France! But let me tell you guys, it was a disappointment. The score: 0-0. Not a good match. The French players were just like letting the time go, it seemed they had no intention of scoring a goal. Sad.....

I hope tomorrow's match would be more interesting: USA-Germany. Please guys (players) aim for a goal!! Make it spicy!

Changing the subject, I'm going to start selling clothes, accesories, handbags by catalog from a company called Studio Chic Store. They have nice things, the clothes are cute; I bet I will be the first buyer!

Well, I have to go, I'm hungry.


Thursday, June 19, 2014

World Soccer Coup Brasil 2014

Sorry for my long absense!

What can I tell you.....I don't know why, I swear, I'm watching the Mundial Brasil 2014.
Everything I do depends on the hours of the matches! Breakfast, cleaning, laundry, reading my mail, then is lunch: we must finish it before the 2pm match (today England- Uruguay I think).
And must leave the kitchen crystal clear!
I'm electric,  as if I had taken Redbull or coffee! By the way, I NEVER EVER drink Redbull and all those drinks. I believe in water, fruit juice, and wine and café au lait bien sur.

Well, it's second time of Colombia- Cote d'Ivoire, so bye bye!!

See you later!


Monday, May 19, 2014


Last saturday a cousin got married to a lovely girl. The day was cold and gray but it was a beautiful day because there was love in the air. You could tell how much the couple were(are) in love. For the first time in my life I saw the bride in tears. It was just a brief emotive moment.
After the ceremony we went to the reception. I had a lot of fun dancing with my dear cousins and nieces.
I wish nothing but happiness to the newly weds. 

Yayo and Mari.

My cousins.

 There's nothing like family!