Thursday, June 19, 2014

World Soccer Coup Brasil 2014

Sorry for my long absense!

What can I tell you.....I don't know why, I swear, I'm watching the Mundial Brasil 2014.
Everything I do depends on the hours of the matches! Breakfast, cleaning, laundry, reading my mail, then is lunch: we must finish it before the 2pm match (today England- Uruguay I think).
And must leave the kitchen crystal clear!
I'm electric,  as if I had taken Redbull or coffee! By the way, I NEVER EVER drink Redbull and all those drinks. I believe in water, fruit juice, and wine and cafĂ© au lait bien sur.

Well, it's second time of Colombia- Cote d'Ivoire, so bye bye!!

See you later!



  1. Dont forget beer! Food of the GODS !

  2. By the way its 1:33pm not 10:33 pm haha well it is here down under. Xx