Saturday, November 13, 2010

Rhony Alhalel, grafito.
Love this dress!

More pictures, más fotos

Mi vestido favorito, my favorite dress

Some pictures of Flash Mode.

Turquoise and blue dress with golden applications by Marino Mixán, Mme.Cécile Pozzo Di Borgo

Quelques flashes de Flash Mode à l'Alliance Française, kind of peruvian fashion week

The theme was architecture reflected on clothing. There were many interesting proposals: Katia Nakamura with her silver jewelry and her interpretation of "rejas", old and new ones. Lovely jewelry I must say.
Carla Reaño and her futuristic urban collection.
Denisse Távara and her black collection, combining different black fabrics that showed us that black has many hues, playing with textures and yes, black is not just black!
Levi Exaltación, a guy who likes using different fabrics besides cotton, trying with fabrics we are not used to see in clothing. 
These are the few designers I could interview, discovering a new facet of myself: asking questions about their work, they were eager to tell me about them! 
Maybe I should become an interviewer, it's very interesting!

I forgot to mention the sculptures of Rhony Alhalel, the guest artist for this exposition. And Mme. l'ambassatrice Cécile Pozzo Di Borgo.