Saturday, December 20, 2014

Navidad, Noel, Christmas, Chanukah

So....this is the time of the year when people go mad buying presents for ALL the members of the family, for the friends, for the secret santa friend, for the nanny, for the guy who helps you with your groceries etc....Man! This is supposed to be a time to give yes. But give LOVE!!!

Today I went to the mall close to home. I bought some presents, a couple for me (I'm the one who's in charge of the presents).
Oh mon dieu mais c'était bourré de gens! Heureusement que je ne dois acheter que quelques cadeaux, trois je crois...ou cinq...m'enfin, c'est tout. Je dois acheter le papier for wrapping the gifts.

Vraiment je n'avais aucune intention d'y aller acheter des cadeaux. Je voulais rester dans mon lit et regarder la télé. Mais aujourd'hui il fait beau, il fait chaud (une chaleur supportable, 25º C selon mon Smartphone.)

J'ai toute l'après midi pour moi seule. I did my nails with the "Pink Flamenco" Opi nail polish, cadeau de mon secret santa. I added some Limestone Green to other nails pour faire du contrast. And I have to do my feet for tomorrow. I have a family bbq. We are quiet a big family....around 40 people? But many can't come. And I'm already tired.
Oh and on monday I have a reunion with my school mates. That should be fun.
Now I'm drinking a refreshing strawberry it!

Why am I writing in french and english? Dunno. Peut-etre parce que je peux le faire. It's an exercise for me. La plupart du temps j'écris en anglais en Facebook ou d'autres sites sur internet.
I do not want to lose this precious language. I started studying french when I was six. I was in a french lycée. I am half french. French and spanish are similar. They are both romance languages. English is very easy, very practical. Mais les adjectifs, soit en français ou en espagnol, sont abondants. J'aime la practicité de l'anglais. But if you have to describe something, french and spanish are the best. That is my personal opinion.

And I'm signing out. This might be my last post of the year. Who knows....
If I don't see you, I wish you a Joyeux Noel, full of love (and not of gifts) surrounded by your family and the people you care.

And I was forgetting my Israeli/Jewish friends, Happy Chanukah!