Friday, February 13, 2015


Happy New Year readers!
Yes yes I know it's February, but I have been procrastinating a lot of things since I came back from some family holidays we had in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic.

It's summer here in Perú and the heat is aweful. Thank god we have fans. No A/C but fans. That helps a lot.

From  the 8th to the 19th of january I was off line. No phone (the bill would have been enourmous), no internet, meaning no facebook, no mails to reply no whatsapp no NOTHING. And guess what. It was GREAT! I didn't miss it at all.
For the first time in years all the family was together. We had a great time, the hotel was great (all inclusive....yeah!) The beach was lovely. We had a chance to do some snorkelling, we swam with the dolphins, for the bolder ones, there was a pool with a dark shark and stingrays. I went there too, come one, it's a once in a life opportunity! I must admit I was a bit scary. They are in a pool but they are still animals!
I got a nice tan with a 50 SPF sunblock for children and a 70 SPF on the face. And a hat of course. 
Oh god, how I miss the Piña Coladas! And my white wine! And the mojitos and the beer....nope, not the beer. Sorry to say this but beer was aweful! And so was the red wine.

The personel from the hotel was very very attentive, always there to satisfy your needs. Of course, saying hello to them and thank them helps too!
The bathrooms were/are the most clean toilets I've ever seen. Even the one that was on the beach.

Something I did dislike is that it was for smokers, I can handle cigarrettes but Puros?? Don't remember the english for puros, oh cigars I think it is!  That was too much. Ew!!!!

It was such a bliss not to be connected to the internet. More important was to spend time with the family.
We had a lot of fun. I love them. Simple as that.

On the way back of swiming with the dolphins.

On the way to our room.

Enjoying a Cuba Libre

Sleepless in Punta Cana, sunrise.

Our last night, celebrating one of my sisters birthday.

The beach yeah!!

And that's all folks. 

And you do not miss being all!! 
Just enjoying being with the people you love and the Piña Coladas ;-) hehe...

Vivi, signing out.