Sunday, September 29, 2013

Back from Chile.

My father came back from Chile last week and guess what he brought me! Yes! A Big Toblerone! Why are they so famous at the airports?? I wonder...Every time someone travels what do you bring them? A Toblerone, the big one of course!

Changing the subject, spring is here, it can be sunny and warm but then cold.

On Wednesday I met one of my friends of my jewelry group, we had lunch, wonder around the mall, a mall for tourists in Miraflores called Larcomar. My salad was goooood and a had a chamomille tea, respecting my diet. 

Then we went to the OPI store, I'm a huge fan of OPI, I bought a shade called "Muir Muir on the Wall", very strange, dark with greenish hues and purple. I really wanted the "Peace and Love" colour from the San Francisco collection. I'm a nail polish geek!

I forgot to tell you that I made a beautiful necklace with silver beads and agates, it's more like a choker.

Here it is:

I would one for me but I don't have more of those stone, specially the focal silver bead.



Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Traducción. Translation.


Bueno, iba a traducir un post que escribí el domingo pero cómo decimos nosotros, ya fue!
Lo que sí voy y tengo que traducir es sobre lo que dije del AZÚCAR. Es muy  malo estar dentro del límite alto de glucosa. Soy muy dulce!
Felizmente ya he comenzado una dieta cero azúcar, sólo edulcorante, he aumentado mi porción de ensalada y estoy comiendo frutas. Tengo un control dentro de un mes y ya he bajado unos kilitos.
  Yahora la traducción al inglés.


Okay, so now comes the English part of the story. In the French post I talked about how nice and sunny was sunday, perfect for laundry because clothes dry faster and you avoid the use of the drying machine. Hey, we must think about our planet and the carbon print we're leaving. I try not using the drying machine but our climate is sooooooooooooooo humid clothes take days to get dry.....

And now, about the SUGAR part. My glucose is high, between the limits but high. I'm taking my meds, doing diet, eating more veggetables and fruit and all the products marked "light". I eliminated butter, sugar, white bread and its relatives . I have lost a few pounds and the only thing I must do now is walk.

It was sunny today too, even hot! Spring is close, and that's all I guess. Sunlight makes me want to make jewelry, so let's see what I come up to!


Monday, September 9, 2013

Dimanche ensoleillé. Sunny Sunday. Domingo soleado.

C'est un dimanche ensoleillé. Il ne fait pas très chaud mais on commence à sentir ces agréables rayons de soleil qui nous disent que le printemps est proche.
Lundi, ensoleillé aussi et un peu plus chaud qu'hier. Le moment précis pour faire travailler la machine à laver. Les vetements sèchent plus vite et on évite l'usage de la machine à sécher.
Lundi, jour des achats pour la semaine. J'ai commencé un régime alors il me faut tout ce qui est marqué "light" et pas de sucre! Ah non, le SUCRE c'est le DÉMON! Pour moi au moins....Heureusement j'ai changé ma façon de penser car  je ne veux pas  sufrir d'aucune maladie relationnée au sucre.
J'ai augmenté ma consommation de fruits et légumes.
J'ai perdu quelques kilos sans mourir de faim. C'est seulement un changement d'attitude nécessaire pour le bien etre de ma santé.

Je traduirai ceci plus tard ou demain, je dois vous laisser.