Sunday, September 29, 2013

Back from Chile.

My father came back from Chile last week and guess what he brought me! Yes! A Big Toblerone! Why are they so famous at the airports?? I wonder...Every time someone travels what do you bring them? A Toblerone, the big one of course!

Changing the subject, spring is here, it can be sunny and warm but then cold.

On Wednesday I met one of my friends of my jewelry group, we had lunch, wonder around the mall, a mall for tourists in Miraflores called Larcomar. My salad was goooood and a had a chamomille tea, respecting my diet. 

Then we went to the OPI store, I'm a huge fan of OPI, I bought a shade called "Muir Muir on the Wall", very strange, dark with greenish hues and purple. I really wanted the "Peace and Love" colour from the San Francisco collection. I'm a nail polish geek!

I forgot to tell you that I made a beautiful necklace with silver beads and agates, it's more like a choker.

Here it is:

I would one for me but I don't have more of those stone, specially the focal silver bead.




  1. Love the multicolor beads! What a fun necklace! :D

    1. Thank you Pippi! I'd love one for myself, I think the necklace it's "summerish" but I can't find another focal bead like the one in the picture.