Saturday, December 14, 2013

Jewelry fair.

I planned to go with a dear friend of mine to the jewelry fair in the school I studied.
 She told me she couldn't go today but yesterday I was very excited about going, alone or with company it's always fun seeing jewelry.

I woke up today as if all my strength was sucked by who knows what. Or mabe because I couldn't sleep? I felt like I needed a huge pack of duracell batteries. I'm still feeling weak, but I don't know why! And that's annoying!!

Well, maybe later I'll go, but please, send a pack of batteries!

Changing the subject, it was a productive friday. I made five pairs of earrings that I'm posting on etsy.

Here are some pictures:

Pink and ruby quartz earrings.

Mistletoe earrings, agates.

Amethyst and mystic quartz , carved amethysts.

Aquamarine and sodalite.

Aquamarine and silver petit earrings.

I have to install my workshop because I miss the action, the burns, cuts, the stains....etc oh the Hammering! My favorite activity....I miss the soldering, the creation of new jewels and say "I did this!!" from sweat and tears, sometimes blood.

I wish you a good weekend! It's sunny here in Lima.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

December Flowers.

I call them December Flowers, I don't know their name, because you know, I'm soooo keen on plants....My mother was, she knew the name of all the flowers and plants of the garden. She tried to teach me but plants are not my thing.
All the years, there is a flower that I named the "December Flower". It has the most amazing colours, bright red, orange, fuchsia. A couple of years after she passed away I got a tattoo of that flower in my left shoulder. I think it could have been better....anyways....
On saturday the first flower opened:

The colours are much brighter in real life, I wish I could send you a flower to appreciate it!

This is the second flower:

I also call them my mother's flowers because they were her favorite.
Once she counted more than 200 buttons!
I don't have it here but there is a big pot full of this plant and when it florishes (?), please correct me if I'm wrong!

Well, this is a little homage to my mother, I miss her a lot and Christmas are not the same without her and her delicious cooking.

I just know she's there, somewhere, watching us.
I love you mom!