Thursday, July 14, 2011

Much ado about nothing.

This Tuesday I had an exam for my jewelry design class. There were many concepts to study, it was not difficult but still, I was nervous, so were my classmates. After the exam we had to show our sketchbook to the teacher with the works we did in class and the homeworks; one of them was to show two sets of three pieces of jewelry drawn by us and a more elaborated design  with colour.
A few days before I was scratching my head and biting my nails thinking on the seven pieces of jewelry I had to draw.  I was in blank. There was nothing, nada, zero. Extremely worried about this homework. Then I had a moment of enlightment when I saw my sketchbook: I found a design for one of the sets! I was watching telly/tv when my second moment of enlighment came: abacus. Now I had the other set. 
For the last design I took a rough amethyst stone and imagine a ring. In between all this I was reading/studying the copies from class.

The day of the exam everybody was nervous, studying at the last minute. When we got the exam, which was only two questions, everybody was relieved. It was something like this: "How would you apply the concepts you learnt in class? Which ones would you use to improve your designs?" . I think I heard I unanimous "phew!" from everybody....

When it was my turn to show my sketchbook I was a bit nervous, the teacher was very nice, she corrected my drawings and designs, it was all so simple and nothing to be nervous about. 
That day I woke up with a headache going to migraine, after the famous exam, it was gone!

This is the design of my coloured piece:

That's all for now.
Thank you for reading this,