Saturday, July 12, 2014

3rd place

Ayayay, Brasil vs Nederlands.....
Who's going to win? Maybe the orange team? That Robben is good!
But heart goes to Brasil. 

I hope we'll see a good match with goles (goals), exciting to watch, making us eat our nails of despair.

Now we just have to wait almost three hours! 

See you tomorrow! That match would be good!


Monday, July 7, 2014

And the fútbol is coming to an end....

What a match for tomorrow july 8!
Germany vs Brasil.
No Neymar for Brasil team......
I just hope they make a great match and may the best team win, Please Brasil, show us you are fierce! Don't be scared of the Germans! (sorry my german friends).

Qué será será....what will be will be.


Saturday, July 5, 2014

Netherlands-Costa Rica.

To start, I must say the Argentina-Belgium match was a Valium (that I didn't in that time).
They say: MESSI MESSI MESSI!!! He only scored one (1) goal or gol as we say. It seemed to me they were just happy with one gol. 
It was very boring, what were they thinking? They had to fight to win but they didn't make much effort. 
I was sleepy and hungry.

And now comes Netherlands - Costa Rica!

Netherlands Flag


I hope Costa Rica scores at least one  goal, what can they do against "La Naranja Mécanica" (the clock work orange)?? Maybe a surprise? 
Come on guys, make a good match, aim to the goal! Give us fun and suspence to watch it!

Ok, that's all for now while waiting for the match 3pm Lima time.

May the best team win.

See ya!


Friday, July 4, 2014

And more fútbol! Allez les Bleus!!

Today plays France against Germany. Since I have some french blood in me, I will be rooting for the blue guys. Sorry my German friends.
ALLEZ LES BLEUS!!! It would be something like: "Come on Blue Guys!".

Oh my, it's 10 am here in Lima and I still have some time to spend it on the internet, checking my mail and other stuff.

Let's see what happens.....May the best team win!

At 3 pm there's the match Colombia-Brasil. Ayayay!!! That's gonna be thrilling! 

What happens if Brasil loses? What will be the reaction of the millions of fans? I hope there won't be violence et pas d'émeutes! Sorry, I don't know that word in english...

Good morning, or good afternoon or good night.

Vivi, now a football fan (every four years).