Friday, July 4, 2014

And more fútbol! Allez les Bleus!!

Today plays France against Germany. Since I have some french blood in me, I will be rooting for the blue guys. Sorry my German friends.
ALLEZ LES BLEUS!!! It would be something like: "Come on Blue Guys!".

Oh my, it's 10 am here in Lima and I still have some time to spend it on the internet, checking my mail and other stuff.

Let's see what happens.....May the best team win!

At 3 pm there's the match Colombia-Brasil. Ayayay!!! That's gonna be thrilling! 

What happens if Brasil loses? What will be the reaction of the millions of fans? I hope there won't be violence et pas d'émeutes! Sorry, I don't know that word in english...

Good morning, or good afternoon or good night.

Vivi, now a football fan (every four years).

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