Friday, October 31, 2014

Smartphones or slavery.

A month ago or so, my phone died. Or I accidentically killed it. Either way, I had to get a new one.
I lost all and I do mean ALL the information of my dead phone, including my playlist (sniff...).

The next day I went to my phone company provider to see what could it be done. They confirmed the death of the phone, a Samsung Galaxy Mini Music etc. I had to chose between a Motorola and another Samsung-improved one. After thinking and thinking I chosed the Samsung. I am very familiar to that brand so I sticked to it. As soon as they gave me the new phone, a Samsung Galaxy S III mini (cool, because I can put it in my jeans pocket) I went buying a protective case and a screen protector.

The next days I played with it, adding apps, finding apps to add, taking pics, selfies, etc. I got hooked!!

At the end of March, burglars got into our home and took the flat LED tvs, laptops and some jewelry.
 The computer I am using now is an old one. You know, those that still have CPU towers and big fat screen.

I was mourning for my laptop but with this new phone, I don't need one!
I can check my mail, my Facebook, my pics, shazaming music, etc. with this device. The bad thing is that I have become too attached to my phone. I was that kind of persons that refused having the phone all the time with you. Now I text or check messages while I'm having lunch!

And I don't need a laptop anymore.

So here I am, totally hooked on my mobile....I didn't see that coming!

Bye, and take care.

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