Tuesday, August 12, 2014

August, winter. L'hiver à Lima.

What can I say....I only want to stay in bed because it's warm in there. It rains, or should I say, drizzle, there is no "proper" rain in Lima. How many people would be affected by this phenomenon? I mean with a real rain. That rain that washes all away, even homes....There is many people who live in a precarious situation, some are located at the border of the rivers and the houses are not solid, they are made of whatever they find. Roads can collapse because of the rain, they are poorly constructed and there is no way for the rain to drain.
I prefer the Sierra or the mountains. There is real rain and blue skies with white cotton clouds and sun! Lima is grey, very depressing. Sometimes we can get lucky and have a bit of sun. But the humidity is too high. People joke about us limenians or limeños that we are "amphibious".

I think it was yesterday or tomorrow (can't remember) that the moon was supposed to be seen like 30% bigger than usual. No way in Lima. It's always foggie. When we lived close to the sea, we could see the fog passing thrugh the house. I wake up with allergy. There's so many people, children, who suffer from asthma because of this weather. And the smog doesn't help either...

Anyways, we just have to wait for summer. It's hot, humid and sweaty but there is Sun! Let's not forget going to the beach ;-) 

Chucuito, Callao.

Welcome colourful flowers!

I forgot to mention that last Sunday there was a lunch at friend's house, a friend from school. We know eachother for such a long time! . We had a yummy lunch, excellent company of other fellow classmates and remembering the "travesusas" some did at school. Well, we were young and a bit restless, but it's always funny telling the stories from back then. It's always good having fun with them. 

Thank you for taking your time and read this.


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