Thursday, October 17, 2013

Jeudi ensoleillé, jueves con sol, sunny Thursday.

Well, today I want to dedicate part of my post to my dear friend and jeweller designer Fabienne Bisselbach. She is very talented. Her designs are kind of modern and classic, very feminine. She manages to capture the beauty of nature with modern life.

I fell in love for these earrings:

I have a face for long earrings ;-)

And this magcificent ring, part of one of her collections, "La Perricholi" (

Fabienne works along with another dear friend of us, Elkie. 

I admire both ladies for their making and not procrastinating, what I do... I am able to do that work but there's always a reason for not doing it. Their tenacity is also admirable. Both working mothers, great women, great friends.

Next time I will talk about another jeweller friend. We formed a group without wanting it and it's a fun loving bunch of people with different ideas but always united through friendship and jewelry.

So long!


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