Friday, November 1, 2013

Día de los Muertos o día de todos los Santos?

Halloween! I group of kids yelled at the door. It was the forst time after years I heard kids asking for candy, I think they were with their parents. Sadly, I had no candies. The neighbourhood is very quiet, normally.

I put on my favorite desguise, my pima cotton pj's. I say pima because it's the best cotton you can find, it's so smooth! I really recommend it.

I was creative the other day and started to make some earrings, bracelet, a pendant and a necklace. Too bad the light was not good enough.
For the first time in my life I worked with mystic quartz, druzy pink quarts and faceted aquamarines. I'll show you the pics, please be nice because light was not helping!

The necklace:

I chosed an apatite  and fuchsia quartz to add colour.

The Hoops:

The hoops are in goldfilled with carved amethysts, pink quartz and a tiny goldfilled leaf.

The bracelet:

Sterling silver chain, gold quartz nugget, fuchsia quartz. 

Aquamarine earrings:

Silver beads, silver wire, mystic quartz, faceted aquamarine bead, with silicone posts

Pendant; goldfilled wire, citrine and peridot with a carved amethyst.

I hope to post them soon on etsy or you can contact me via facebook:

Please leave a comment if you want to! Don't be shy!


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