Monday, January 21, 2013

And of course, the world didn't end.

Holydays are gone and summer is here, in the southern hemisphere. The flowers are blooming:

I call these ones "my mother's flower". They were her favorite ones. I thought about a tattoo of this flower in shoulder but I think it would be too much. I already have four.

Changing the subject, I made a free shipping and a 20% coupon code on my etsy shop but I didn't sell anything! I'm still working of course. I just need a new torch and some silver. And stop procastinating everything!

These are a few earrings I made:

Faceted rose quartz and ruby coloured quartz.

Hammered post earrings, creamy pearls and ruby coloured quartz.

Faceted smoky quartz ans amazonite.

I also made a ring, experimenting with wire:
Lapislazuli and amazonite ring.

Dangle earrings, lapislazuli and amazonite.
My favorite combination!

That's all for now. Thank you for reading my post :)

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