Sunday, December 2, 2012

Christmas. close yet so far away....
My sisters are in different countries and I'm the only left here in Lima. I live with my father, I don't like living alone. He's my best friend (male bff) and we still don't know what we are going to do this Xmas. My mom passed away two years ago from lung cancer; sometimes I really need her advice about something, mostly about cooking, she was an excellent cook. Thank god we-my sisters and I- inherited the joy of cooking. We, M., V. and I have different styles of cooking but we are good at it. 
I remember once my mom was sick, M and I had to prepare the turkey. I made the stuffing and seasoned the bird. I have to say it was THE best turkey ever!

I wish she was here to see her flowers open or delight us with an incredible dessert.

Changing the subject, this is a very bad Cristmas for me so far. I haven't sold anything in months! My shop is with 20% discount plus free shipping and Xmas gift.
Could you please tell me what's wrong? Are the prices high or you don't like my work?

I know there's a crisis but I see people buying jewelry more expensive than mine!!

Please, take a look at my shop and tell me. Be honest!

Thank you for taking the time of reading my post.


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