Saturday, March 26, 2016

It's been a long time

I know I know I know!! I can't remember when was the last time I posted something!

To begin with, last year, in december, I had a little accident while my trip to Chile. With my family we went to see the "Lagos del Sur", in the south. Going out of the hotel looking for a restaurant to have lunch, I got distracted and tripped and fell. My left hand landed first, then I don't know what happened, I just remember seeing my lower arm in a position you could never imagine. And then there was blood. My dad was screaming "Oh my god Vivi what happened!!!!" and my younger sister started giving orders and sat by my left side. "You: call an ambulance!" and etc.
The firefighters came and had to cut my favourite "Chompa" (jacket I think), they put a bandage in the wound and then as the ambulance didn't come at all (it was sunday) my sister and her friend took me to closest clinic.
I was in shock, I had no clue what happened to me, I was kind of numb, no idea what was happening.
Well, they took me some X rays and the elbow was out of his place. As I fell down the bone opened the flesh and that was why I was bleeding. My dad thought an artery was compromised. 
The traumatologist came, he said he was going to operate the arm to fix the elbow. The thing was not that easy. The bone had tear down my muscle and tendons (?) and the doctor had to put me a titanium thing to hold back together. 
The first month with cast was terrible. I felt aweful, depressed because I couldn't do much. I had to wash my teeth with my right hand. By the way, I'm a lefty.
Little by little I regain more movement on the left arm. I had to go to physical therapy, and I'm still going. Thank god I'm sooooooo much better now, the therapies worked, but I'm not a 100% well.
Maybe I need more therapy....who knows.

And that's what I've been doing and why I was away from the computer. 

So long!


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