Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Just saying Hi!

I can't remember the last time I posted something here.
Today we (here in Perú) the "Día de la Primavera" or Spring day. Yeah. the sky is grey, temperature is ok: 20º C; not cold, not hot.
Thanks to El Niño we had a warm winter. No need to wear big coats or very winter clothing. Sigh.....what can we expect for summer????? Very high temperatures,'s uncertain.
There have been flowers all year long in my garden, birds coming to drink water from the figue tree. We put three bowls with water so the birds can come and drink it or, which is more fun, seeing how they take a bath.

This grey weather makes me feel grey. You just want to stay in bed. I have to turn on the heater to take a shower. Otherwise, you will be shaking from cold.

No pictures today, something happened with picasa that doesn't allow me to download all the pictures. Don't know what it is. Agghhh I must resolve that problem but don't know how!

Thank you for your time reading this brief post.
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