Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Summer is here with all this heat, sweating all day, trying to stay like a lizard and cool down. Temperature is not that high but it's very humid and sticky.

On the 28th of December I went to Santiago, Chile with my father to spend New Year's there with my sister. It was hotter than here in Lima but the weather is more dry.
She lives in a quiet neighborhoud with restaurants and shopping markets some blocks away.

On the first of January we went to Bellavista, where you can see Pablo Neruda's house.
We also saw many grafitti on the walls and some artists doing some.

The next day we went to Valparaíso, a very pictoresque town, full of grafittis too and the houses painted in different colours. It is next to the sea. I can't find a picture now! First we took a tour to a vineyard, we tasted some wine mmmmm! And then back on the road to  the coast.
Finally we arrived to our desired destination: Viña del Mar. The beach! They say the water is very very cold but that day it was refreshing, not so cold, not too warm.

During the week I went to a local craft market. There is a lot of copper in Chile and the jewelry was cheap. I bought a pair of earrings made of copper with silver and lapislazuli, also a local stone.

Unfortunately, I dropped my camera in the vineyard (I didn't have too much wine!) and it broke.....I will try to take pictures with my phone to show you the earrings. Here are a couple of pics:

I also went to Joya Brava, a jewelry school and could talk with Pamela de la Fuente, a talented artist and great person : http://www.escuelajoyeria.cl/pamela-de-la-fuente/
I love her work!

Well, that was my adventure in Chile, I started 2012 there for a change, I hope this year will be different and prosperous in every way.

See you next time!


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