Friday, November 11, 2016


Yes! Friday!!
I could sleep well, thank goodness! This sleeping problem is driving me crazy! I swear...
Well, today it's not a lovely day, it is semi sunny, the sun is very shy to show itself. What can we do!
Yesterday I had another migraine, felt bad ALL day, almost did not eat. My lunch was a banana. 
Anyways, a friend came, she designs shoes. Very confortable and affordable shoes. So, we did what we called a "canje", sorry I don't remember the word in english. 
She chosed 2 pairs of earrings and in exchange I chosed a pair of shoes. 

These are the shoes. 

Finally I found comfy shoes and  affordable!! How cool can that be? And for two pair of earrings! Of the same price of course.
So I am happy with my new shoes and my new friend is happy with the earrings. :-)

It is a good friday indeed. I feel better and my lunch will be yummy.

Thanks for reading this!


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