Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Winter is coming

It is winter in Perú. It is cold. Sometimes we are lucky and the sun comes out to say hello. Lima's sky is grey, very depressing. We don't have "proper" rain here in Lima; I can't tell if it is a blessing or a course because there is a lot of dirt coming from the mountains and hills.
You clean one day and two days after it's full of dust. And forget about the laundry! You must wait days for it to get dry! Sadly, our drying machine is old, still working but for only 15mn or it will cause a shortcut.

But there are positive sides. Like staying in your bed with your café con leche watching tv because it's freezing and the feather duvet makes you warm.

When it's sunny, my dad and I seat at the terrace and have some drinks and snacks before lunch. We always pour water for the birds who are the habitués (?) and left them some food. There are the wild yellow canaries, the're a couple. The blue ones, another couple, the "chivillos" or black birds who sing beautifully, the "cuculíes" or palomas, dove I think it's the name in english. The little birds who love to take a bath in the water. It's so funny to see them bathe! There's also the hummingbirds and the "petirrojo", a red bird.
As I am not a bird expert, I will show you pictures of the little beauties we see while relaxing in the terrace.

 This is the one we call "petirrojo"

This one is similar to the blue birds we see, although this one I find it smaller.

The yellow one. 

I'm going to make me a cup of tea because I'm freezing.

Thank you for taking the time to read this :-)

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