Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Tears For Fears

Finally, after months of waiting, I'm going to TFF concert tonight. I'm supposed to meet some friends there in the line, but I dunno...

And finally, no more design class homeworks! There was an exhibition with our work, one piece per person, it was a success, it was crowded and people was interested reading the books we made with our designs and the theme we chosed.
Tomorrow we start another class, marketing and branding, a well known peruvian  jewellry designer, Gonzalo Palma ( , will teach us.

One of my sisters came this weekend with her friend. My sister came for a meeting on monday so I went with her friend to the centro de Lima. It was nice, sunny and warm. We saw the change of guards at the government palace, we went to the San Francisco church and visit the catacombs. It was hot and we went to T'anta for a refreshing fruit juice and some tamales, yum! It was a good day, I was a little sad I couldn't say goodbye to my sis because she left early and didn't come back home because she had another meeting, but we spent a good time together this weekend. She made cinnamon rolls, I made the topping (so easy to make!) and the rolls are easy to prepare too.

The concert is supposed to begin at 9pm but I'm gonna be there at 5:30 so it's gonna be a long time waiting by myself because my friends will be there at one or two hours laters....grrrrrr! Anyway, it's one of lifetime concert and it's one of my favorite bands so I will have to just wait. And the next day I have class with Gonzalo, I have to wake up at 7am, for those who don't know me, I am NOT a morning person, darn, I don't know what I will do!

This is the piece I made for the design exhibition, it's a brooch, a Hamsa brooch. My theme was the hamsa or fatma and from there I had to make a series of designs about the subject. We had little time to do it, I must confess I don't like much...
That's all for now people, I won't be taking my camera at the concert but I will tell you how it was.

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