Friday, July 1, 2011

San Pedro y San Pablo

Wednesday was Saint Peter and Saint Paul's day, it was a holiday here. My dad has been willing to go and follow the procession (?) of Saint Peter for many years, so we went to Callao, the main port of PerĂº and set sail on the small vessel called as one of my sisters. It was interesting, there were fireworks and a band playing in a boat close to Saint Peter's image (on a boat).
It didn't last long but it was nice to go away and be in the sea, balancing from one side to the other and sadly, smelling the petroleum of the boats. Otherwise, it was a good day, doing something I never thought I would.

The procession, boats of all kind following Saint Peter's image.

Father and I.

I was worried about my homework, I didn't finish it, I was lazy that day, it felt like a sunday. 
There's more to tell specially about  my design class, which was very interesting. 

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