Monday, March 7, 2011


Hello everyone! 
I had a productive weekend, better say, a productive sunday. I don't know why I feel more inspired and willing to work on sundays. Maybe because it's quiet? Or maybe because I was home alone muhahahaha! Whatever, I work better on sundaes, I mean sundays. Although a sundae would be gooooooooood!
Okay, so I made a pendant for men, very simple, looks quite primitif but I like its simplicity and black of the onix.
It is March, meaning Saint Patrick's day and the green took over me and voil√†: another pair of earrings (for the LACWE : Lunaessence's Arts and Crafts World Expo) and another pair for the CCC or Color Combo Challenge.

I belong to these groups on facebook, I like them, they challenge you to create an item with the theme of the week. And also you make good friends and share experiences on jewelry making or what's in your head. Sometimes I call them the : "Jewelry Support Group", because it's true! It's not only talented people posting their work but also friends that you can count on it, and something important: they can make you laugh to tears forgetting for a moment the problem that was bothering you. Thank you girls!

Now I'm going to post some pictures of the productive sunday.....

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