Monday, January 24, 2011

Belated postings.

Hello! I am so sorry guys for not updating this blog for a long long time...I have been doing house chores instead of jewelry but hopefully, I have found some time to do a little jewelry. One was a custom necklace for a friend, he said: "Make me a necklace that represents me". It was a challenge and I loved the idea. It's not completely finished since I have to wait for his reply about the pictures I sent him. He is a manly man but I couldn't find square beads stones, maybe I should remove the turquoise and red beads?
 Let me know what you think!

 Here is one of the pictures:


  1. Naughty Naughty! Putting house chores before jewellery making, you should be ashamed of yourself lol!

    Looks really good, I am a man and would wear it but perhaps without the coloured beads because knowing me I would lose them!


  2. LOL! Well, someone has to make lunch! And I'm a bit of a clean kitchen freak...:P

    So you think it's ok but you recommend to take the beads out?
    The blue ones, sodalites, are the sea and the sky, freedom and travels. The red and turquoise ones are for the evil eye and also red for love. This necklace was made for an English man living in Israel, he's a volunteer and a very good person.
    So far he hasn't replied any of my messages, he must be busy.

    Thank you very much for your comment Mick! Feel free to add more if you want to.