Saturday, October 9, 2010

Mi nube, my cloud, mon nuage

Using the kum boo technique I elaborated this pendant. You have to laminate the gold and make it as thinner as you can; you can tell when you're in the right weight by the sound of the delicate sheet of 24kt gold.
I draw a cloud in paper then translate to the silver, saw it, filed it and it was ready to put the gold in the silver. You have to use a scalpel to cut the gold sheet. The silver is heated first and then the gold is added, in a very delicate and careful way. The gold is attached to the silver surface by heat. Of course, the silver has to be clean of fingerprints which leave oil in the surface of the metal.
If you did the procedure in the right way, the gold will stick to the silver and will not go out, not even if you try to scratch it with whatever you can.

In this pendant and another pendant I hammered and oxidised the silver and polish it with a jewelry cloth.

I brushed the back of the pendant and I realised I liked it as much as the front of it! So it's a double sided cloud...

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